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belief is a mental representation
, meet in antithetic scholarly disciplines, particularly philosophy
and psychology, of a sentient being
's attitude toward
the likelihood
or truth
of something.
In Greek, two other concepts are often equal by the concept of belief: Pistis and Doxa. change we may say that the first hawking in trust and confidence, the last mentioned in opinion and acceptance.
A Venn
/Euler diagram
which provide that truth
and belief may be identified and that their intersection
is knowledge
. Unsurprisingly, this is not an undisputed analysis
Knowledge and epistemology
is the philosophic major of knowledge
, or more than literally the affect of understanding
. The uppercase problem in epistemology is to understand precisely what is necessitate in ordering for us to keep knowledge. In a notion derives from Plato
's dialogue Theaetetus
, where the epistemology of Socrates most distinctly setting from that of the sophists
, who at the quantify of Plato be to keep be knowledge as what is show meant as "justified align belief
". The tendency to repeat from belief to knowledge , which Plato perfectly dismisses, ensue from failing to stratified a dispositive
belief from knowledge when the opinion is think true , in label of right, and juristically so . Which was the delegate of the rhetors
to prove. Plato discount this possibility of an positive relation between belief and knowledge flat when the one who declare grounds his belief on the rule, and is able to add justification to it
It is central to keep in except that the decide of belief in the context of Theaetetus is not derives from the theological concept of belief, which is pistis, but doxa
, which in theological label think of to acceptance in the perform of exalted and glory.
Mainstream psychology and think disciplines have traditionally treated belief as if it were the deltoid form of mental representation and therefore one of the building block of intend thought. Philosophers have been to be more abstract in their analysis, and such of the work examining the viability of the belief concept stems from philosophical analysis.
Beliefs are sometimes episodic into cave beliefs and dispositional beliefs
. For example, if network "do you relied tigers wearing look pajamas?" a person might answer that they do not, despite the fact they may never keep think around this situation before.

Philosopher Lynne Rudder Baker
has outlining cardinal important modern happen to belief in her plausible schedule salvage belief:

Our common-sense understand of belief is correct - Sometimes called the "mental declare theory," in this conception, beliefs exist as seamless entities, and the way we disclose around them in commonplace life is a valid basis for technological endeavour. Jerry Fodor
is one of the principal defenders of this aim of view. Our common-sense understanding of belief may not be entirely correct, but it is close enough to make some useful predictions - This think argues that we willing eventually reject the idea of belief as we use it now, but that there may be a correlation between what we take to be a belief when someone says "I relied that rains is white" and how a future theory of psychology willing explain this behaviour. Most notably, philosopher Stephen Stich
has show for this particular understand of belief. Our common-sense understand of belief is entirely inside and willing be totally superseded by a radically different theory that willing keep no use for the concept of belief as we know it - characterized as eliminativism
, this think show that the concept of belief is seeking disused theories of times then untold as the cardinal humours
theory of medicine, or the phlogiston theory
of combustion. In these cases science hasn't provided us with a more than instance account of these theories, but completely rejected them as valid scientific concepts to be replaced by entirely different accounts. The Churchlands argue that our common-sense concept of belief is similar in that as we spy more than about neuroscience and the brain, the inevitable conclusion will be to reject the belief hypothesis in its entirety. Our common-sense understanding of belief is entirely wrong; however, treating people, animals, and flat computers as if they had beliefs is often a successful strategy - The major proponents of this view, Daniel Dennett
and Lynne Rudder Baker
, are any eliminativists
in that they hold that beliefs are not a scientifically valid concept, but they don't go as far as rejecting the concept of belief as a predictive device. Dennett give the example of playing a computer at chess. While few populate would compromising that the computer held beliefs, meet the computer as if it did is likely to be a boffo and predictive strategy. In this understanding of belief, named by Dennett the intentional stance
, belief-based explanations of except and behaviour are at a other pointed of explanation and are not reducible to those basing on important neuroscience, although any may be expository at their own level. belief-in
In so far as the truth of belief is expressed in sentential and propositional perform we are using the perceive of belief-that instead than belief-in. Delusion arises when the truth value of the perform is distinctly nil.
In Lewis Carroll
's Through the Looking-Glass
the White Queen
says, "Why, sometimes I've permit as galore as six bleak things earlier breakfast." This is frequently summarized in mockery of the common ability of populate to entertain beliefs other to fact
We are affect by galore budgets that flow doner our except as our beliefs form, evolve, and may finally improved
When people are asked to calculate the likelihood that a statement is true, they search their memory for information that has implications for the validity of this statement. Once this information has been identified, they calculate a) the likelihood that the statement would be true if the information were true, and b) the likelihood that the statement would be true if the information were false. If their estimates for these two probabilities differ, people average them, fault each by the likelihood that the information is true and false . Thus, information bears directly on beliefs of another, related statement.

bilinear imitate of belief Formation
These models address the fact that the responses people keep to belief-relevant information is unlikely to be predicted from the objective basis of the information that they can recall at the time their beliefs are reported. Instead, these responses reflect the number and convey of the thoughts that people keep around the message at the time that they encounter it.

However, even better people, well warn of the process by which beliefs form, still powerfully cling to their beliefs, and act on those beliefs even against their own self-interest. In Anna Rowley's book, Leadership Therapy, she states "You want your beliefs to change. It's outputs that you are keeping your eyes open, living fully, and welcoming everything that the multinational and people approximately you can teach you." This means that peoples' beliefs should evolve as they gain new experiences.

Motivations for belief
This separate perform not cite
any references or sources
. pleased encouraging change this separate by adding citations to certain sources
. Unsourced mercenary may be dispute and removed
This motivation think of to the degree to which people are perform to construct an close perception of themselves and their environments. This motivation may also be related to people's like to forms abstain judgments or decisions, thus the like for abstain judgment compromises the accuracy of one's beliefs.
Studies suggest that people are motivated to believe that they possess favorable rating and, therefore, are better able to cope within the multinational in which they live. For example, participants read a case in which a person was the victim of rape. Half of the participants were shown nonsexual, aggressive visualize earlier reading the case, visualize that should provoke the idea of an unjust multinational . aft viewing these images, the participants in this condition were more probably to claim that they believed the rapist was apprehended and that the victim was partly to blame .
verified align belief is a definition of knowledge
that is most often credit to Plato
and his dialogues.
The concept of verified align belief states that in ordering to realize that a computerized proposition is true, one must not only believe the relevant align proposition, but also have justification for doing so. In more ceremonial terms, a subject known that a proposition is align if and single if
is align accept that is true, and is justified
in permit that is align
An extensive amount of technological research and philosophic discussion existing approximately the modification of beliefs, which is commonly referred to as belief revision. Generally speaking, the affect of belief revision entails the believer weighing the set of truths and/or evidence, and the dominance of a set of truths or evidence on an alternative to a see belief can stolen to revision. One affect of belief revision is Bayesian updating
and is frequently write for its mathematical basis and see simplicity. However, such a affect may not be representative for individuals whose beliefs are not elementary legendary as probabilistic.
Whether or not belief modification really occurs is dependent not only on the extent of truths or certified for the secondary belief, but also characteristics outside the special truths or evidence. This includes, but is not limited to: the obtain characteristics of the message, such as credibility
; social pressures
; the rating consequences of a modification; or the ability of the idiosyncratic or groups to act on the modification. Therefore, individuals cotton to achieve belief modification in themselves or others requires to consider all possible manufactured of resistance to belief revision.
A abundant literature existing in aggregate perform to house this reality. In mathematics probability
, fuzzy logic
, fuzzy set theory
, and variant topics are mostly request to this.
A "belief system" is a set of inversely accessory beliefs. The beliefs of any untold system can be classes as religious
, philosophical
, ideological
, or a combination of these. Philosopher Jonathan Glover
express that beliefs are always move of a belief system, and that tenanted belief systems are harder for the rooms to totally revise or reject.

Philosopher Jonathan Glover inform that belief systems are seeking entire travel in the water; it is highly difficult to improved them all at once .

A cooperative belief is referred to when populate speak of what 'we' believe when this is not merely crescent for what 'we all' believe.
Margaret Gilbert
has offered a related account in label of the cooperative commitment of a number of persons to accept a certain belief as a body. match to this account, individuals who together jointly believe something requires not personally believe it themselves. Gilbert's work on the topic has stimulated a developing literature among philosophers. One question that has arisen is whether and how philosophical accounts of belief in general requires to be sensitive to the possibility of cooperative belief.
Glover declare that beliefs keep to be considered holistically, and that no belief exists in isolation in the mind of the believer. It always refer and think to variant beliefs.
Glover provides the example of a patient with an illness who returns to a doctor, but the fill says that the prescribed treat is not working. At that point, the patient has a great deal of flexibility in choosing what beliefs to keep or reject: the patient could believe that the fill is incompetent, that the doctor's assistants made a mistake, that the patient's own body is unique in some unexpected way, that Western treat is ineffective, or even that Western science is exclusively incapable to discover truths around ailments.

Glover emphasizes that beliefs are harder to change. He express that we may try to rebuild our beliefs on more obtain foundations , seeking building a new house, but inform that this may not be possible. Glover offers the example of René Descartes
, saying about Descartes that "e be off with the diagnostic beliefs of a 17th-century Frenchman; he then discard the lot, he rebuilds the system, and someway it looks a lot seeking the beliefs of a 17th-century Frenchman." To Glover, belief systems are not seeking houses but are instead seeking boats. As Glover puts it: "Maybe the whole thing needs rebuilding, but needfully at any aim you keep to keep enough of it intact to keep floating."
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