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In Buddhism
, buddhahood is the note of optimize enlightenment
attain by a buddha
 ; Pali/Sanskrit
for "awakened one").
Explanation of the titled Buddha move of a series
on Buddhism
Gautama Buddha
Later Buddhists
Four august Truths
Five Aggregates
Dependent Origination
Middle Way
Three Jewels
Buddhist Paths to liberation
Aids to Enlightenment
Four Stages
Buddha Bodhisattva
Buddhism portal

thither is a beamy spectrum of opinion on the universality and method of attainment of buddhahood, be on the Shakyamuni
Buddha's teachings that a educate of Buddhism emphasizes. The pointed to which this manifestation need ascetic
practise dress from no at all to an request requirement, babelike on doctrine. Mahayana Buddhism word the Bodhisattva
perfect rather of the Arhat.
Buddhists do not debate Siddhartha Gautama
to keep appeared the single Buddha. The Pali Canon
think of to galore preceding ones , while the Mahayana
tradition to boot has galore Buddhas of celestial origin . A common Theravada and Mahayana buddhistic belief is that the next Buddha willing be one designate Maitreya
Nature of the Buddha favor information: Buddhology

All buddhistic traditions retain that a Buddha is to the full improved and has totally repaired his except of the three poisons
of desire
, aversion and ignorance
. A Buddha is no agelong shores by Samsara
, and has end the suffering
which unawakened populate experiencing in life.
any Buddhists reasons on the Buddha as have ten characteristics . These characteristics are often think of in the Pali Canon
as resurfacing as Mahayana
teachings, and are sing cyclic in galore buddhistic monasteries:
thus gone, hence come
worthy one
absolutely self-enlightened perfected in knowledge and racketeering well went knower of the multinational unsurpassed leader of persons to be improved teacher of the gods and humans the happy One or lucky one

Although the Theravada educate perform not emphasize the more supernatural and divine aspects of the Buddha that are approachable in the Pali Canon, elements of Buddha as the maximum person are found throughout this canon.
In the Madhupindika Sutta ,
Buddha is set forth in almighty label as the knights of the Dhamma and the bestower of immortality .
the Tathagata—the maximum man, the quality man, attainer of the quality attainment. , "And so, Anuradha—when you can't pin down the Tathagata as a truth or reality even in the show life—is it proper for you to declare, 'Friends, the Tathagata—the maximum man, the quality man, attainer of the quality attainment—being described, is described otherwise than with these four positions: The Tathagata existing aft death, perform not existing aft death, both perform & perform not existing aft death, neither existing nor perform not existing aft death'?
O Vakkali, whoever perceive the Dhamma, perceive me
O Vasettha! The vent of Dhammakaya is so the term of the Tathagata
Buddha as "just a human"
Statements from modern Theravadins that the Buddha was "just a human" are frequently intend to distinguish their view of him with that of the Mahayana, and with Christian views of Jesus. According to the Canon, Gotama was born as a human, albeit highly spiritually create as a result of the previous lives in the career of the bodhisatta. With his enlightenment, however, he perfected and transcend his human condition.
Andrew Skilton create verbally that the Buddha was ne'er historically think by buddhistic traditions as be simply human:

In the aboriginal buddhistic schools, the Mahāsāṃghika
expanding think the buddhas as be legendary primarily by their supramundane nature. The Mahāsāṃghikas advocated the magic and supramundane nature of the buddhas and bodhisattvas, and the fallibility of arhats.
Of the 48 circumstantial theses evaluated by the Samayabhedoparacanacakra to the Mahāsāṃghika Ekavyāvahārika
, Lokottaravāda
, and the Gokulika
, 20 level refer the supramundane nature of buddhas and bodhisattvas.
match to the Samayabhedoparacanacakra, these cardinal gangs see that the Buddha is capable to realize all dharmas
in a only moment of the mind.
Yao Zhihua writes:

A doctrine rating to the Mahāsāṃghikas is, "The give of the tathāgatas is unlimited, and the life of the buddhas is unlimited."
According to Guang Xing, two important aspects of the Buddha can be seen in Mahāsāṃghika teachings: the true Buddha who is wise and omnipotent, and the certified manufactured doner which he liberates sentient beings doner expert means.
For the Mahāsaṃghikas, the historical Gautama Buddha was one of these transformation embody , while the necessary actual Buddha is major with the Dharmakāya

In the Dharmakaya doctrine the Buddha introduced that the Buddha is no agelong fundamentally a human being, but has arose a be of a different ordering altogether. In his ultimate transcendental "body/mind" mode as Dharmakaya, he has abiding and infinite life, is present in all things as the Buddha-nature
, and is keep of ample and limitless qualities.
In the Mahaparinirvana Sutra
the Buddha declares:
This is a especially central metaphysical and soteriological doctrine in the Lotus Sutra
and the Tathagatagarbha
sutras. According to the Tathagatagarbha sutras, failure to accept the Buddha's eternity and, even worse, unqualified denial of that eternity, is see a bones obstacle to the attainment of complete improved .
Buddha—an essence of immeasurable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, excellent flattering body, wisdom, qualities, and activities highly extraordinary and fantastic—is ample seeking put and the holiest source, giving tower to all that is wished by sensate beings seeking a wish-granting jewel, a wish-granting tree …

The 3 copied of buddhahood Samyaksambuddha
It is impossible, it cannot occurs that two accomplish Ones, To the full conditioning Ones, could arose contemporaneously in one world-system—there is no untold possibility.

cardinal variations can be identified in the way of attain Samyaksambuddha-hood. With more than wisdom , with more than effort or with more than faith . Śākyamuni was a Prajñādhika Buddha. The consecutive Buddha of this world, Maitreya
willing be a Vīryādhika Buddha.
Pratyekabuddhas are akin to Samyaksambuddhas in that they manages Nirvāṇa without have a teacher. dissimilar the Samyaksambuddha however, they do not conditioning the Dhamma
that they keep discovered. Thus, they besides do not perform a Saṅgha
of disciples to travel on the teaching, since they do not conditioning in the archetypal place.
In any texts, they are set forth as 'one who solve the Dharma by his own efforts, but perform not shopping omniscience nor mastery finished the Fruits' .

When the titled Sāvakabuddha is used, it think of to a ordinal type of Buddha
, variant than the Samyaksambuddha and Pratyekabuddha
. The modular designation is Arhat
, a holiest man who has peak Nirvana by following the teachings of a Buddha. Buddhas are supposed to keep peak Nirvana by their own efforts and insights.
The titled Savakabuddha is employed in Theravadin
and perform not happen in the scriptures of the Pali Canon
. In variant buddhistic traditions the titled has besides appeared employed for populate far high on the path of Enlightenment
, but who may not keep peak beat buddhahood.

is a disciple of a Samyaksambuddha. An conditioning disciple is by and large label an arahant
or ariya-sāvaka . The Theravadin
commentary to the Udana
use the titled sāvaka-buddha
to outlining the conditioning disciple
The titled Savakabuddha perform not happen in the Theravadin Pali Canon
, but is think of in cardinal Theravadin commentarial works, and think of to an enlightened
of the Buddha. The accustomed titled is Arhat

A seldom employed word, anubuddha, was a titled employed by the Buddha in the Khuddakapatha
for those who arose buddhas aft be computerized instruction.
Depictions of the Buddha in art important article: Buddharupa
Buddha statues at Shwedagon Paya
Reclining Buddha
The Buddha statue show designate for snow is a represent commonest in Laos
In the Pali Canon
thither is support think of of a inventory of 32 animal attach of Buddha
in his Acts of the Buddha
give a desire inventory of designate for the Buddha:
In his commentary to the Surangama Sutra
, elderly know Hsuan Hua
tells the following fable:
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