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dukkha is a Buddhist
titled ordinarily repeated as "suffering
", "anxiety", "stress", or "unsatisfactoriness".
The principle of dukkha is one of the most central concepts in the buddhistic tradition. The Buddha
is reasons to keep said: "I keep inform one thing and one thing only, dukkha and the cessation of dukkha." The modular formulation of these teachings on dukkha is the doctrine of the Four august Truths
, in which the Truth of dukkha is distinguished as the first.
The buddhistic tradition emphasizes the importance of developing insight into the nature of dukkha, the conditions that perform it, and how it can be overcome. This process is unlikely in the teachings on the cardinal august Truths.
Centrality to buddhistic think
Piyadassi Thera states:

To the Buddha the intact inform is conscionable the understand of dukkha, the disappointing nature of all phenomenal existence, and the understand of the way out of this unsatisfactoriness.
The principal importance of dukkha in buddhistic philosophy has perform any observers to debate Buddhism to be a bearish philosophy.
However, the emphasis on dukkha is merely a basal fact of life: touches to acting things and express is inherently unsatisfying.
designated this as "negative" is a refusal to permit the reality of dukkha.

archetypal of all, Buddhism is broken pessimistic nor optimistic. If anything at all, it is realistic, for it takes a realistic view of life and of the world. It looks at things objectively . It does not falsely lull you into living in a fool's paradise, nor does it frighten and pain you with all kinds of fictitious fears and sins. It convey you exactly and objectively what you are and what the world around you is, and show you the way to optimize freedom, peace, tranquility and happiness.
Lama Surya Das word the matter-of-fact nature of dukkha:

The Buddha acknowledged that thither is both happiness and sorrow in the world, but he taught that flat when we keep some kind of happiness, it is not permanent; it is subject to change. And due to this unstable, temporal nature of all things, everything we experience is said to keep the quality of dukkha or unsatisfactoriness. Therefore unless we can gain insight into that truth, and solve what is really capable to provide lasting happiness, and what is unable to provide happiness, the experience of dissatisfaction will persist.

cardinal imitate
The Pali titled dukkha-dukkha is repeated as follows:
dukkha as everyday smouldering
The dukkha of aching undergo
The smouldering of smouldering
smouldering of torture
smouldering as torture
The stressfulness of torture
Ordinary, commonplace dukkha or difficulties
Joseph Goldstein states:

First, there is the dukkha of experiences that are painful in themselves. This is where the translation of dukkha as “suffering” most frequently applies. There is the obvious suffering caused by war, violence, hunger, natural disasters, political and societal oppression, and injustice. These are dead real situations for hundreds of millions of people. There is the inevitable torture of the body, starting with childbirth, and sometime sickness, injury, and ageing common to us all. And most likely, we won’t be feeling our best at the time of death. All of this is not a mistake; it’s just nature at work. There’s also the electoral but deeply teach suffering in the mind: feelings of fear, jealousy, anger, hatred, anxiety, grief, envy, frustration, loneliness. There’s a long list of what are called “afflictive emotions.” Many times, in reporting states like this to Sayadaw U Paṇḍita, he would say, “Good. Now you’re realizing the truth of dukkha.” Each time we can open to the painful experiences of mind and body, we are investigating and realizing the archetypal noble truth for ourselves.
The Pali titled viparinama-dukkha is repeated as:
dukkha as perform by improved
dukkha due to improved
The dukkha of the habit nature of all things
The smouldering of improved
smouldering as improved
The stressfulness of improved
Difficulties or dukkha perform by habit circumstances
The smouldering of impermanence The smouldering of act to retain on to things that are ever changing. Description
The Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa
branch this category to includes "not remember what you want."

Geshe Tashi Tsering states:

Because this pointed of suffering is much more subtle and not apparent without some analysis, it is more harder to recognize. Without investigation, objects at this pointed actually be to be causes of happiness, because they transport some acting pleasure. However, if we have mindfulness, we can see them for what they are. Initially, things and events be desirable—they sound as if they will transport happiness. That’s why we arose attract to them. However, when time passes and circumstances change, the same desirable, handsome, beautiful object turns into something ugly or undesirable—something we want to avoid. Relation to impermanence
Joseph Goldstein word the importance of reflected on impermanence:

On the conceptual pointed we understand instead easily, but in our lives, how often are we living in anticipation of what comes next, as if that willing finally bring us to some sort of completion or fulfillment? When we look back over our lives, what has happened to all those things we were looking forward to? Where are they now? This doesn’t mean that we should never enjoy ourselves or enjoy different pleasant experiences. It just means we requires to realize and remember the very temporal nature of that happiness and to deeply consider what our highest aspirations really are. Some powerful reflections and reminders in this regard are that all times of being together willing end in separation, that all accumulation willing end in dispersion, and that all life willing end in death. And at the moment of death, what really belongs to us? Surprisingly, reflecting in this way on the truth of dukkha, which simply sees how things are free of hope and fear, brings a great lightness of heart and mind. It’s a great relief to be out of the grip of deluded enchantment. There’s a freshness and vivid clarity in seeing things as they are.
The Pali titled sankhara-dukkha is referred to as:
dukkha as teach express
The dukkha of teach formations
The dukkha of teach experiencing
All-pervasive smouldering
distributive smouldering
smouldering of lecture
smouldering as teach
The stressfulness of fabrication
Difficulties or dukkha perform by the dress nature of teach existence
The smouldering of ego-clinging
This is the deepest, most subtlest level of dukkha; it encompasses "a basal unsatisfactoriness grains all existence, all manufactured of life, because all manufactured of life are changing, impermanent and without any internal core or substance."
On this level, the titled tell a missing of satisfaction, a perceive that things ne'er decide up to our expectations or standards.
Pema Chodron
describes this as the suffering of ego-clinging; the suffering of risk with life as it is, as it display itself to you; risk against outer situations and yourself, your own emotions and thoughts, rather than conscionable founded and allowing.
Phillip Moffit think this pointed of dukkha with observational angst:

How often in your adult life have you experienced the queasiness and unease that come from a perceive of meaninglessness in your life? Think of all those occasions when you entangle as though you were dedicated your life, or sleepwalking doner it, or not living from your deepest, most heartfelt perceive of your self. Remember the times when you've entangle as though thither is little you do each day that has any real, lasting significance. We've all fallen prey at some aim in our lives to such dark times of self-doubt and existential angst.
Geshe Tashi Tsering assert that we willing not be free of this pointed of dukkha "until we are free from samsara
, until we are buddhas."

dukkha can besides be categorized into thousand copied been to the three categories of obtaining suffering, the suffering between the period of birth and death, and widespread misery. Chogyam Trunga explains these categories as follows:

smouldering betwixt the periods of outputs and death:
dress what you don't want: be unable to avoid harder or painful situations. Not be able to retain onto what is desirable: the pain of trying to retain onto what is desirable, lovely, splendid, terrific. Not dress what you do want: this been the preceding two categories; the anxiety of not dress what you want.
Aung San Suu Kyi
show a inventory of six ample dukkha at her Nobel Lecture
, tell on 16 June 2012. These are:

To be conceived " title="Jāti ">jāti
) To age To sicken " title="Byādhi ">byādhi
) To die To be setting from those one loves
To be compel to bachelor in propinquity
with those one perform not loving perform insight into dukkha cardinal august Truths important article: Four august Truths

is considered to be an necessary tool for perform insight into the nature of dukkha. Contemporary buddhistic teacher Ajahn Brahm emphasizes that without the experience of meditation, one's knowledge of the world is too manipulate to fully understand dukkha.
In the following simile, Ajahn Brahm investigates the experience of dukkha to be in prison, and investigates meditation to a tunneled that stolen out of the prison:

In this simile the prison is the body, the high prison walls are the five senses, and the relentless demanding prison police is one's own will, the doer. The tunnel dug desire ago, through which one escapes, is called jhana . Only when one has experienced jhana perform one realized that the five-sense world, even at its best, is really a five-walled prison, some parts of it is a smallest more comfortable but still a jugging with everyone on death row! Only after dense jhana perform one realized that "will" was the torturer, mask as freedom, but preventing one ever resting happily at peace. Only outside of prison can one gain the data that produces the dense insight that discovers the truth around dukkha.
modern scholar Michael Carrithers emphasizes the requires to tests one's life. Carrithers asserts that in so far as it is dynamic, ever-changing, uncontrollable and not finally satisfactory, unexamined life is itself exactly dukkha.
Carrithers besides asserts that the question which increase the Buddha's quest was "in what may I travel lasting relevance?" He did not deny that thither are satisfactions in experience: the exercise of vipassana
assumes that the meditator perceive elaborate of happiness clearly. torture is to be perceive as pain, and pleasure as pleasure. It is have that happiness babelike on teach will be secure and lasting.

Understanding smouldering is dead important. The practice of meditation is designing not to develop pleasure, but to solve the truth of suffering; and in order to solve the truth of suffering, one besides has to solve the truth of awareness. When true awareness takes place, smouldering does not exist. Through awareness, smouldering is somewhat changed in its perspective. It is not necessarily that you do not suffer, but the act quality that fundamentally you are in trouble is removed. It is like removing a splinter. It might hurt, and you might still feel pain, but the basic cause of that pain, the ego, has appeared removed.

The Buddha inform on dukkha repeatedly passim his lifetime. In the Alagadduupama sutta, the Buddha states:

"I keep inform one thing, and one thing only, dukkha and the cessation of dukkha."
The modular formulation of these teachings on dukkha is the doctrine of the Four august Truths
, in which the Truth of Dukkha is identified as the archetypal of the cardinal truths. The Four august Truths are show within the Buddha's archetypal discourse, sending in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma ; in this discourse, the Buddha defines dukkha as follows:

"This is the august truth of dukkha: birth
is dukkha, aging
is dukkha, illness
is dukkha, death
is dukkha; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair are dukkha; yankee with what is upsetting is dukkha; separation from what is faber is dukkha; not to get what one desire is dukkha; in brief, the five aggregates
exposing to clinging
are dukkha."

In the sutra Samyutta Nikaya
#35, the Buddha says:
What everyday folk calles happiness, the conditioning ones calles dukkha.
match to the buddhistic tradition, the dukkha of teach express is think to touches to the skandhas
. Oxford scholar Noa Ronkin display her understand of the relation betwixt the skandhas and dukkha as follows:
dukkha is besides travel among the three attach of existence
. These are:
Impermanence smouldering Not-self .
modern translators of buddhistic texts use a variety of English express to meant the aspects of dukkha.
For example, Piyadassi Thera

The vent dukkha is one of those Pali terms that cannot be translated adequately into English, by one word, for no English vent cover the same ground as dukkha in Pali. Suffering, ill, anguish, unsatisfactoriness are any favourite renderings; the express pain, misery, sorrow, conflict, and so forth, are also used. The vent dukkha, however, includes all that, and more than that.
modern translator Bhikkhu Bodhi states:

The Pāli vent is frequently translated as suffering, but it convey something deeper than torture and misery. It refers to a basic unsatisfactoriness gushing through our lives, the lives of all but the enlightened. Sometimes this unsatisfactoriness erupts into the open as sorrow, grief, disappointment, or despair; but usually it hovers at the edge of our awareness as a vague unlocalized sense that things are never instead perfect, never fully adequate to our expectations of what they should be.
The writer Mark Epstein
'A more than special translation would be something on the ordering of “pervasive unsatisfactoriness.” '
galore translators advantage to setting the titled untranslated.
For example, scholar and translator Walpola Rahula states:

It is true that the Pali word dukkha in ordinary usage means ‘suffering’, ‘pain’, ‘sorrow’ or ‘misery’, as opposed to the word sukha convey ‘happiness’, ‘comfort’ or ‘ease’. But the titled dukkha as the archetypal august Truth, which represents the Buddha’s view of life and the world, has a deeper philosophical convey and connotes enormously wider senses. It is admitted that the titled dukkha in the archetypal august Truth contains, quite obviously, the ordinary convey of ‘suffering’, but in addition it also encompasses deeper ideas such as ‘imperfection’, ‘impermanence’, ‘emptiness’, ‘insubstantiality’. It is difficult therefore to find one word to encompasses the whole conception of the titled dukkha as the archetypal august Truth, and so it is better to leave it untranslated, than to give an inadequate and inside idea of it by conveniently translating it as ‘suffering’ or ‘pain’. Alternate translations
In Chinese Buddhism
, dukkha is repeated as kǔ , and this loanword
is lisp ku in Japanese Buddhism
and ko in Korean Buddhism
and khổ in Vietnamese Buddhism
. The Tibetan is dukngal. In Shan
, it is
and in Burmese
, it is
Joseph Goldstein inform the etymology as follows:

The word is perform up of the prefix du and the root kha. Du means “bad” or “difficult.” Kha means “empty.” “Empty,” here, refers to several things—some specific, others more general. One of the special meanings refers to the empty axle hole of a wheel. If the axle fits badly into the center hole, we get a very bumpy ride. This is a good analogy for our ride doner saṃsāra. On my first trip to Burma, a group of friends and I went up-country to visit Mahāsi Sayadaw’s home temple. We perform part of the journey in an oxcart, and it was undoubtedly akin to modes of transportation in the Buddha’s time. This extremely bumpy journey was a very visceral example of dukkha, the first august truth. In more general philosophical terms, “empty” means nonexistent of permanence and nonexistent of a self that can control or general phenomena. Here we begin to get a sense of other, more inclusive meanings of the term dukkha. Words like unsatisfying, unreliable, uneaseful, and stressful all convey universal aspects of our experience.
In Hindu
literature, the aboriginal Upaniṣads
— the Bṛhadāraṇyaka
and the Chāndogya
— are permit to preceded or coincided with the advent of Buddhism.
In these texts' verses, the Sanskrit vent duḥkha occurring single twice. In the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad, it express :
English Sanskrit While we are still here, we have come to know it " title="Ātman ">ātman
]. If you've not characterized it, ample is your destruction. Those who have characterized it — they become immortal. As for the be — single smouldering evaluate them.
ihaiva santo 'tha vidmas tad vayaṃ na ced avedir mahatī vinaṣṭiḥ ye tad vidur amṛtās te bhavanty athetare duḥkham evāpiyanti

When a man justly sees, he perceive no death, no sickness or distress. When a man justly sees, he perceive all, he winning all, completely.

Thus, as in Buddhism, these texts word that one get the better of duḥkha doner the development of a quality understanding.

Panetics See also: Ralph Siu
and Suffering § Social_sciences

After analyzing the permanent overlap inflictions of smouldering by practically everyone and the neglect of this distributive and degenerating human deficiency by the scholarly community, I urge the immediate creation of a new and strenuous scholarly discipline, called panetics, to be devoted to the study of the infliction of suffering. The nature, scope, illustrative contents, and societal value are outlined. The dukkha is proposed as a semiquantitative unit of smouldering to assist in associated analytical operations.
On-line commentaries:
What Buddha inform
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