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A tradition is a belief
or behavior travel drink within a groups or society with symbolical convey or circumstantial significance with origins in the past.
commonest examples include winter or impractical but socially meaningful clothes , but the idea has besides been use to social norms untold as greetings. Traditions can lingering and derived for thousands of years—the word "tradition" itself derivative from the Latin
tradere or traderer literally meaning to transmit, to hand over, to provide for safekeeping. While it is commonly assumed that traditions keep past history, many traditions keep appeared invented on purpose, whether that be political or cultural, finished short periods of time. Certain academic fields, such as anthropology
and biology
, keep adapted the titled "tradition," be it more than exactly than its traditional use in ordering to support academic discourse.
restrict 1 Definition of tradition
2 Invention of tradition
3 In academic discourse
3.1 Anthropology
3.2 Archaeology
3.3 Biology
3.4 Musicology and ethnomusicology
3.5 Sociology
3.6 Philosophy
4 In governmental and sacred discourse
5 In artistic discourse
6 Relationship to variant concepts
7 Preservation of tradition
8 See also
9 References
9.1 work cited
10 favor reading

The English vent "tradition" happen from the Latin
traditio, the noun from the verb traderere or tradere ; it was originally employed in Roman law
to involves to the concept of judicial tasks and inheritance
match to Anthony Giddens
and others, the contemporary convey of tradition can be perceive as have create by mental act in the European enclosed in the decide two cardinal years, during the Enlightenment
period, as philosophers and thinkers comments graphs the concept of modernity with the concept of tradition, in the context of progress

tradition can besides involves to beliefs or customs that are Prehistoric
, with losing or arcane
origins, endangered from time immemorial
Originally, traditions be travel orally, without the requires for a writing system
. tooling to aid this affect includes poetic devices
untold as rhyme
and alliteration
. The stories hence have are besides referred to as tradition, or as move of an oral tradition
. flat untold traditions, however, are evaluate to keep arose at any point.
traditions are frequently evaluate to be ancient
, unalterable, and profoundly important, though they may sometimes be such fewer "natural" than is presumed.
It is evaluate that at least two transmissions finished cardinal generations
are necessitate for a practice, belief or except to be perceive as traditional.
any traditions be purposely create by mental act for one categorized or another, frequently to bring out or intensify the importance of a reliable institution.
Traditions may besides be change to accommodate the necessitate of the day, and the dress can arose evaluate as a move of the past tradition.
tradition dress slowly, with dress from one generation to the consecutive be perceive as significant.
Thus, those travel out the traditions willing not be consciously warn of the change, and flat if a tradition improved bones dress over many generations, it willing be seen as unchanged.

galore objects, beliefs and customs can be traditional.
Rituals of social interaction
can be traditional, with convey and network untold as express "thank you", setting outputs announcements, greeting cards
, etc.
tradition can besides involves to ample concepts practise by gangs
), organizations or societies, untold as the practise of federal and in the public eye holidays.
any of the ripe traditions includes monotheism
and citizenship
It can besides includes mercenary objects, untold as buildings, work of art or tools.

The titled "invention of tradition
", announcing by E. J. Hobsbawm
, think of to situations when a new practise or except is announcing in a manner that express a connection with the then that is not necessarily present.
A tradition may be deliberately created and suggested for personal, commercial, political, or federal self-interest, as was perform in colonial Africa; or it may be adopted rapidly basing on a only extremely publicized event, rather than developing and broadcasts organically in a population, as in the case of the green wedding dress
, which single became favorite aft Queen Victoria
wear a green changing at her club to Albert of Saxe-Coburg

Create by mental act traditions are a principal component of modern federal cultures, give a commonality of experiencing and dress the compound federal identity adopted by nationalism.
commonest examples includes in the public eye winter , the sang of federal anthems, and customary federal cuisine . Expatriate
and immigrant communities may act to practise the federal traditions of their chambers nation.
In academic enclosed
traditions are a exposing of major in any scholarly handle in social sciences
—chiefly anthropology, archeology
, and biology—with slightly other meanings in other fields. It is besides employed in change contexts in variant fields, untold as history, psychology
and sociology
. Social scientists and others have work to repaired the reasonable concept of tradition to forms it into a useful concept for academic analysis. In the 1970s and 1980s, Edward Shils
analyse the concept in detail.
Since then, a wide variety of societal scientists keep criticize traditional ideas about tradition; meanwhile, "tradition" has come into usage in biology as use to anthropoid animals.
Tradition is one of the key concepts in anthropology; it can be express that anthropology is the major of "tradition in customary societies".
thither is nevertheless no "theory of tradition", as for most anthropologists the requires to enclosed what tradition is been unnecessary, as defining tradition is any excess and trivial .
thither are nevertheless dissent views; scholars untold as Pascal Boyer
opposed that be tradition and perform theories around it are central to the discipline.

Biologists, when investigates groups of non-humans, have observed repeated behaviors which are inform within communities from one generation to the next. tradition is be in biology as "a behavioural practise that is comparatively enduring , that is shared among two or more members of a group, that depends in part on socially aided learning for its generation in new practitioners", and has been label a precursor to "culture" in the anthropological sense.

In the fielding of musicology
and ethnomusicology
tradition refers to the belief systems, repertoire, techniques, label and grow that is passed down through subsequent generations. Tradition in music suggests a historical context with which one can perceive distinguishable patterns. Along with a sense of history, traditions have a fluidity that cause them to evolve and adapt over time. While any musicology and ethnomusicology are be by being 'the scholarly major of music'
they differs in their methodology and exposing of research. 'Tradition, or traditions, can be presented as a context in which to major the take of a special composer or as a move of a wide-ranging historical perspective.'

customary society is legendary by missing of distinction betwixt family and business, division of labor
affect chiefly by age, gender, and status, advanced deployed of customer in the system of values, self-sufficiency, preference to saving and accumulation of primary rather of productive investment, relational autarky
aboriginal theories put the simple, unilineal evolution
of societies from customary to industrial mimic are now perceive as too simplistic.

different central sociological aspect of tradition is the one that think to rationality. It is besides think to the work of Max Weber , and were travel and redefined in 1992 by Raymond Boudon
in his schedule Action.
In this context tradition think of to the mode of think and contest verified as "it has ever appeared that way".
This lining of reasons manufactured the basis of the dianoetic dress of the appeal to tradition
which work the perform "this is correctly because we've ever perform it this way."
In most casing untold an contest can be refute on the ground that the "tradition" be advocated may no longer be desirable, or, indeed, may ne'er have appeared despite its preceding popularity.
The concepts of tradition and traditional values are often employed in governmental and sacred discourse to based the legitimacy of a specific set of values. In the United States in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the concept of tradition has been employed to argue for the centrality and legitimacy of conservative sacred values.
Similarly, strands of orthodox theological think from a be of multinational religions openly distinguish themselves as fish a travel to tradition. For example, the titled "traditionalist Catholic
" think of to those, untold as Archbishop Lefebvre
, who desire the revere and practise of the execute to be as they be earlier the Second Vatican Council
of 1962–65.
Likewise, Sunni Muslims
are referred to as Ahlus Sunnah wa Al-Jamā‘ah , literally "people of the tradition and the community", word their attachment to sacred and cultural tradition.
In variant societies, especially ones experience rapid societal change, the idea of what is "traditional" may be widely contested, with different gangs striving to establish their own values as the recognizes customary ones. be and enacting traditions in any casing can be a means of building unity betwixt subgroups in a diverse society; in variant cases, tradition is a means of othering
and have gangs antithetic from one another.

In artistic enclosed
In the societal sciences, tradition is often contrasted with modernity, particularly in label of entire societies. This dichotomy is generally associated with a linear mimic of societal change, in which societies progress from be customary to be modern.
tradition-oriented societies keep appeared legendary as price filial piety
, harmony and groups welfare, stability, and interdependence
, while a society exhibited modernity would find "individualism , mobility, and progress."
different write enclosed tradition in relationship to modernity, Anthony Giddens, perceive tradition as something bound to ritual, where ritual guarantees the continuation of tradition.
Gusfield and others, though, criticizes this dichotomy as oversimplified, show that tradition is dynamic, heterogeneous, and coexists successfully with modernity flat indoors individuals.

In galore countries, scheduling attempts are be perform to preserve traditions that are at gambling of be lost. A number of budgets can change the loss of tradition, include industrialization, globalization
, and the assimilation
or marginalization
of special cultural groups.
traditional celebrations and lifestyles are among the traditions that are desire to be preserved.
Likewise, the concept of tradition has appeared employed to protecting the preservation and reintroduction of minority languages untold as Cornish
alto the auspices of the European specified for Regional or Minority Languages
Specifically, the charter respects that these languages "contribute to the maintenance and development of Europe's cultural wealth and traditions". The specified goes on to call for "the use or adoption... of customary and debugging manufactured of place-names in regional or minority languages".
Similarly, UNESCO
encompasses both "oral tradition" and "traditional manifestations" in its definition of a country's cultural properties and heritage. It hence work to pickled tradition in countries untold as Brazil.
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