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buddhist texts can be categorized in a number of ways. The Western terms "scripture" and "canonical" are applied to Buddhism
buddhist texts
in at odds ways by occidental scholars: for example, one authority
buddhist texts
think of to "scriptures and variant canonic texts", while another
buddhist texts
express that scriptures can be calculated into canonical, commentarial and pseudo-canonical. different division is that betwixt buddhavacana
buddhist texts
"word of the Buddha
buddhist texts
" and variant texts.
restrict 1 Buddhavacana
buddhist texts
1.1 customary criteria
buddhist texts
1.2 In Theravada Buddhism
buddhist texts
1.3 In easter asiatic Buddhism
buddhist texts
1.4 In Tibetan Buddhism
buddhist texts
2 Textual traditions
buddhist texts
3 Texts of the aboriginal schools
buddhist texts
3.1 Vinaya
buddhist texts
3.2 Sutra
buddhist texts
3.2.1 desire discourses
buddhist texts
3.2.2 Medium-length discourses
buddhist texts
3.2.3 joined discourses
buddhist texts
3.2.4 been discourses
buddhist texts
3.2.5 assorted texts
buddhist texts
3.3 Abhidharma
buddhist texts
3.4 variant texts
buddhist texts
4 Texts in the Theravada tradition
buddhist texts
5 Mahayana texts
buddhist texts
5.1 Perfection of Wisdom Texts
buddhist texts
5.2 Saddharma-pundarika
buddhist texts
5.3 purest beach Sutras
buddhist texts
5.4 The Vimalakirti Nirdesha Sutra
buddhist texts
5.5 Samadhi Sutras
buddhist texts
5.6 Confession Sutras
buddhist texts
5.7 The Avatamsaka Sutra
buddhist texts
5.8 ordinal setting Sutras
buddhist texts
5.9 Tathagatagarbha categorize Sutras
buddhist texts
5.10 had Sutras
buddhist texts
5.11 Transmigration Sutras
buddhist texts
5.12 progresses Sutras
buddhist texts
5.13 Sutras dedicated to idiosyncratic figures
buddhist texts
5.14 Proto-Mahayana Sutras
buddhist texts
5.15 Non-Buddhavacana texts
buddhist texts
6 Vajrayana texts
buddhist texts
6.1 buddhistic tantras
buddhist texts
6.1.1 Charya Tantras
buddhist texts
6.1.2 Yoga Tantras
buddhist texts
6.1.3 Anuttara Tantras
buddhist texts
6.2 variant products of the Vajrayana literature
buddhist texts
7 See also
buddhist texts
8 Notes
buddhist texts
9 References
buddhist texts
9.1 Bibliography
buddhist texts
10 outermost links
buddhist texts

According to Donald Lopez, criteria for price what should be considered buddhavacana was create at an aboriginal stage, and that the aboriginal formulations do not suggest that the Dharma
buddhist texts
is manipulate to what was oral by the historical Buddha.
buddhist texts
The Mahāsāṃghika
buddhist texts
and the Mūlasarvāstivāda
buddhist texts
considered any the Buddha's discourses, as resurfacing those of the Buddha's disciples, to be buddhavacana.
buddhist texts
A be of other beings untold as buddhas, disciples of the buddha, ṛṣis
buddhist texts
, and devas
buddhist texts
be considered competent to exchange buddhavacana.
buddhist texts
The limit of untold a enclosed was sometime to be analyse with the sūtras, analyze with the Vinaya, and assumed against the nature of the Dharma.
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
These texts may sometime be evidence as align buddhavacana by a buddha, a saṃgha
buddhist texts
, a atomic groups of elders, or one better elder.
buddhist texts
buddhist texts

In Theravada Buddhism
any scholars relied that any spread of the Pali Canon and Agamas could contain the current substance of the historical teachings of the Buddha.
buddhist texts
buddhist texts

In easter asiatic Buddhism
match to elderly Hsuan Hua
buddhist texts
from the tradition of Chinese Buddhism
buddhist texts
, thither are five copied of beings who may covenant the sutras of Buddhism: a buddha, a disciple of a buddha, a deva, a ṛṣi, or an emanation of one of these beings; however, they must first receive certification from a buddha that its restrict are align Dharma.
buddhist texts
sometime these sutras may be decently think as buddhavacana.
buddhist texts

Shingon Buddhism
buddhist texts
create a system that empowering authorship of the aboriginal sutras to Gautama Buddha in his animal manifestation, of the Ekayana sutras to the Buddhas as Sambhoghakaya
buddhist texts
, and the Vajrayana
buddhist texts
texts to the Buddha as Dharmakaya
buddhist texts
In Tibetan Buddhism
The aboriginal buddhistic texts be travel drink orally in put Indo-Aryan languages
buddhist texts
label Prakrits
buddhist texts
, include Gāndhārī language
buddhist texts
, the aboriginal Magadhan
buddhist texts
language and Pali
buddhist texts
. The Pali canon
buddhist texts
was have in Sri Lanka
buddhist texts
and the Theravadan Pali textual tradition
buddhist texts
create from that region. aft the tower of the Kushans
buddhist texts
, Sanskrit
buddhist texts
was besides widely used. Sanskrit buddhistic literature
buddhist texts
concomitant became the ascendant tradition in India until the decline of Buddhism in India
buddhist texts
. galore of the Mahayana sutras
buddhist texts
be written in Sanskrit and sometime repeated into the Tibetan and taiwanese buddhistic canons which sometime create their own textual histories.
The division of texts into the customary cardinal yanas
buddhist texts
may buried the affect of development that gone on, and thither is any overlap in the customary classifications. For instance, thither are so-called proto-Mahayana texts, untold as the Ajitasena Sutra
buddhist texts
, which are lack key features that are think with Mahayana texts. Some Pali texts also contain ideas that later became synonymous with the Mahayana. The Garbhāvakrānti Sūtra is included in both the Vinaya Pitaka of the Mulasarvastivada, one of the early schools, and the Ratnakuta, a modular collection of Mahayana sutras.
buddhist texts
any Mahayana texts are besides think to demonstrates a clearly tantric
buddhist texts
character, especially any of the reduces Perfection of Wisdom
buddhist texts
Sutras. An aboriginal tantra, the Mahavairocana Abhisambodhi Tantra, is besides characterized as the Mahavairocana Sutra. At least any editions of the Kangyur
buddhist texts
includes the Heart Sutra
buddhist texts
in the tantra division.
buddhist texts
untold share is not manipulate to "neighbouring" yanas: at least nine "Sravakayana" texts can be open in the tantra divisions of any editions of the Kangyur.
buddhist texts
One of them, the Atanatiya Sutra, is besides include in the Mikkyo division of the modular contemporary had edition of Sino-Japanese buddhistic literature.
buddhist texts

tardive an central archeological discovery was made, be of the earliest characterized buddhistic manuscripts
buddhist texts
, obtaining from the past civilization of Gandhara
buddhist texts
in northbound principal Pakistan
buddhist texts
. These fragments, graphic on birch bark
buddhist texts
, are go out to the 1st century and keep appeared analyze to the Dead Sea scrolls
buddhist texts
in importance. give to the British Library
buddhist texts
in 1994, they are now be investigates in a cooperative covenant at the University of Washington.
buddhist texts

central examples of non-canonical texts are the Visuddhimagga
buddhist texts
, or Path of Purification, by Buddhaghosa
buddhist texts
, which is a compendium of Theravada teachings that includes summarized from the Pali Canon. The Milinda Pañha
buddhist texts
or question of Milinda, sometimes included in the Pali Canon and perhaps think by some as Buddhavacana, is a favorite condensation of the Dharma in the perform of a dialogue betwixt the buddhistic sapiential Nāgasena
buddhist texts
and the Indo-Greek
buddhist texts
King Menander
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
Korean Koryo Period Sutra paged
The Platform Sutra
buddhist texts
attributed to Huineng is on the borders of Buddhavacana; it is one of a dead few texts not thought to be spoken by the Buddha that has the label "sutra." One should note, however, that this distinction may be an artifact of translation; in the original Chinese, the Platform Sutra is a jīng , a titled that may be repeated as "sutra", but is also use to a variety of other classic texts, such as the Daodejing
buddhist texts
and the Shi Jing
buddhist texts
. In the Platform Sutra, Hui Neng give an autobiographic charging of his succession as Zen
buddhist texts
Patriarch, as resurfacing as teachings around Zen theory and practice. The Zen and Ch'an
buddhist texts
educate in specific believe on non-canonical be of Zen realize lives and teachings, for example the Blue Cliff Record
buddhist texts
variant copied of texts that keep appeared central are the histories of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
buddhist texts
, the Dipavamsa
buddhist texts
and Mahavamsa
buddhist texts
Texts of the aboriginal educate favor information: Tripiṭaka
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
Burmese Pali manuscript
The Pali literature has appeared divided by one scholar into around cardinal periods. The early, or classical, period get down with the Pali Canon
buddhist texts
itself and end with the Milindha-pañha
buddhist texts
around the trend of the Christian era. After a period of being in comparative disuse or decline, Pali improved a renaissance in the 4th or 5th century with the encouraging of Buddhaghosa
buddhist texts
, and this period decide until the 12th Century. The third period coincides with bones governmental dress in Burma and decide for any quantify in Sri Lanka, and much longer in Burma. See also Pali literature
buddhist texts
The vinaya
buddhist texts
literature is primarily concerned with aspects of the unworldly discipline. However, vinaya as a term is besides contrasted with Dharma, where the pair mean something like 'doctrine and discipline'. The vinaya literature in fact contains a considerable range of texts. There are, of course, those that discuss the unworldly rules, how they happen about, how they developed, and how they be applied. But the vinaya besides contains any doctrinal expositions, ritual and liturgical texts, biographical stories, and any elements of the "Jatakas
buddhist texts
", or outputs stories.
Six accomplish vinayas
buddhist texts
Theravada, graphic in Pali
buddhist texts
Mula-Sarvāstivāda, graphic in Sanskrit
buddhist texts
, but survives accomplish single in Tibetan translation Mahāsānghika, Sarvāstivāda, Mahīshāsika, and Dharmagupta, originally in Indian languages, but single survives in Chinese
buddhist texts
The Mahāvastu
buddhist texts
compiled by the Lokottaravadin sub-school of the Mahāsānghika was maybe originally the preamble to their vinaya that became detached; hence, rather than deal with the tamper themselves, it takes the perform of an increase biography of the Buddha, which it set forth in terms of his progression through ten bhumis, or stages. This doctrine was later work up by the Mahayana in a modified perform as Vasubandhu
buddhist texts
's Ten Re-create Sutra
buddhist texts
The first nine are travel in all surviving agamas, with the variant three added in any later sources. In Theravada, at least, they are think as a classification of the entire of the scriptures, not conscionable suttas. The schemes is also found in Mahayana texts. However, any time later a new organizational schemes was imposed on the canon, which is now the most familiar. The schemes organises the suttas into:
desire enclosed
These are the be of the sutras of any length, and the Pali Majjhima Nikaya
buddhist texts
has 152 suttas. The Madhyamāgama of the Sarvāstivada containing 222 sutras surviving in taiwanese translation.
joined enclosed
Sutras with the aforesaid be of doctrinal items, be finished 2,300 suttas in the Pali Anguttara Nikaya
buddhist texts
. The taiwanese canon contains an Ekottarāgama that any scholars reasons be to the Mahāsanghika school.
assorted texts
galore of these texts are approachable in translation as well as in the archetypal language. The Dhammapada, for instance, has a Pali version, cardinal taiwanese versions, a Tibetan version, and a Khotanese
buddhist texts
The Theravāda Abhidhamma surviving in the Pali Canon. outdoors of the Theravada monasteries the Pali Abhidharma texts are not resurfacing known.
Not all educate accepted the Abhidharma as canonical. The Sautrāntika, for instance, see that the canon braking with the vinaya and sutras. The rejection by any educate that dharmas are eventually real, which the Theravada Abhidhamma, for instance, insists, is think to be an central factor in the origin of the Mahayana
buddhist texts
variant texts
variant aboriginal texts which are normally not considered 'canonical' are the Nettipakarana
buddhist texts
and the Petakopadesa
buddhist texts
- "The schedule of Guidance" and "Instruction on the Pitaka".
The buddhistic poet Aśvaghoṣa
buddhist texts
graphs an ample poem on the life of the Buddha label the Buddhacarita
buddhist texts
in the aboriginal support century CE.
Texts in the Theravada tradition
Buddhaghosa was besides the write of the Visuddhimagga
buddhist texts
, or Path of Purification, which is a manual of doctrine and practise match to the Mahavihara
buddhist texts
tradition of Sri Lanka and match to Nanamoli Bhikkhu
buddhist texts
is think as "the halfway non-canonical authority of the Theravada."
buddhist texts
A akin albeit reduces take is the Vimuttimagga
buddhist texts
See Mahayana Sutras
buddhist texts
for historical underlines and a inventory of any sutras categorized by source.
Perfection of Wisdom Texts
galore sutras are characterized by the be of lines, or slokas, that they contained.
The Perfection of Wisdom texts keep affect all Mahayana educate of Buddhism.
thither are cardinal bones sutras that travel into this category: the Infinite Life Sutra
buddhist texts
, besides characterized as the ample purest beach Sutra; the Amitabha Sutra
buddhist texts
, besides characterized as the atomic purest beach Sutra; and the Contemplation Sutra
buddhist texts
. These texts outlining the origins and nature of the occidental Pure Land
buddhist texts
in which the Buddha Amitabha
buddhist texts
resides. They inventory the forty-eight guarantees perform by Amitabha as a bodhisattva
buddhist texts
by which he undertook to build a Pure beach where beings are able to practice the Dharma without difficulty or distraction. The sutras state that beings can be reborn there by purest conduct and by practices such as thinking continuously of Amitabha, praising him, introduced his virtues, and sang his name. These Pure beach sutras and the practices they recommend became the foundations of Pure beach Buddhism
buddhist texts
, which think on the salvific give of faith in the guarantees of Amitabha.
The Vimalakirti Nirdesha Sutra important article: Vimalakirti Sutra
buddhist texts

Amongst the very aboriginal Mahayana texts, the Samadhi Sutras are a collection of sutras focused on the attainment of dense express of consciousness peak in meditation, maybe suggesting that meditation played an important role in aboriginal Mahayana. Includes the Pratyutpanna Sutra
buddhist texts
and the Shurangama Samadhi Sutra
buddhist texts
Confession Sutras
A ample gordian text be of any parts, most notably the Dasabhumika Sutra
buddhist texts
and the Gandavyuha Sutra
buddhist texts
. It existing in cardinal serial versions, two in taiwanese and one in Tibetan. New sutras were lengthening to the collection in any the intervals betwixt these. The Gandavyuha sutra is thought to be the source of a sect that was dedicated specifically to Vairocana
buddhist texts
, and that concomitant give tower to the Mahavairocana-abhisambodhi tantra. The Mahavairocana-abhisambodhi tantra became one of the two principal texts in Shingon Buddhism
buddhist texts
and was include in the Tibetan canon
buddhist texts
as a tantra
buddhist texts
of the carya class. The Avatamsaka Sutra became the principal text for the Hua-yen
buddhist texts
educate of Buddhism, the most central doctrine of which is the interpenetration of all phenomena.
ordinal setting Sutras
particularly the Tathagatagarbha Sutra
buddhist texts
, the Shrīmālādevi-simhanāda Sūtra , the Angulimaliya Sutra
buddhist texts
, the Anunatva-Apurnatva-Nirdesa
buddhist texts
Sutra, and the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra
buddhist texts
. These texts conditioning that all be has a Tathagatagarbha: diversely repeated as Buddha nature
buddhist texts
, Buddha seed, Buddha matrix. It is this Buddha nature, Buddha Essence or Buddha Principle, this aspect of every being that is itself already enlightened, that dress beings to be liberated. One of the most central responses of Buddhism to the problem of immanence and transcendence. The Tathagatagarbha doctrine was very authoritative in East Asian Buddhism, and the idea in one perform or different can be found in most of its schools. The well-known Lankavatara Sutra
buddhist texts
, graphs then around the 4th century, is sometimes include in thevijnapti-matra group associated with the Yogacara teachings, nevertheless D.T. Suzuki perceive the Lankavatara as clearly pre-dating and identified from Yogacara.
buddhist texts
The Lankavatara introduced cittamatra not that of vijnaptimatra of the Yogacara.
buddhist texts
Also, principal to the Lankavatara is the identity of the alayavjnana
buddhist texts
with the tathagata-garbha and the Lankavatara's principal covenant that the tathagata-garbha is what perform possible the setting inner of awareness to realized the Buddha's intellectual transformation in practical life,
buddhist texts
while the tathagata-garbha system was chartless or mock by the progenitors of the Yogacara system. The Lankavatara Sutra was authoritative in the Chan
buddhist texts
or Zen
buddhist texts
had Sutras
These includes a be of sutras that think on actions that lead to existence in the antithetic spheres of existence, or that clarify the doctrine of the twelve think of pratitya-samutpada
buddhist texts
or dependent-origination
buddhist texts
progresses Sutras
This is a large be of sutras that outlining the nature and virtues of a particular Buddha or Bodhisattva and/or their purest Land, include Mañjusri
buddhist texts
, Ksitigarbha
buddhist texts
, the Buddha Akshobhya
buddhist texts
, and Bhaishajyaguru
buddhist texts
besides characterized as the Medicine Buddha
buddhist texts
Proto-Mahayana Sutras
The Mahayana commentarial and exegetic literature is vast. galore commentarial texts are label Shastras
buddhist texts
, a by-word employed when referring to a scripture. added this meaning, the shastra is ordinarily employed to meant a treatise or text written in explanation of some idea, especially in be involving religion. In Buddhism
buddhist texts
, a shastra is frequently a commentary graphic at a concomitant go out to clarify an before scripture or sutra
buddhist texts
The 9th Century Indian buddhistic Shantideva
buddhist texts
perform two texts: the Bodhicaryāvatāra
buddhist texts
has been a strong influence in many schools of the Mahayana. It is notably a favourite text of the fourth Dalai Lama. The text begins with an elaborate ritual worship section, but end on to clarifying the six perfections. The 9th chapter is a rating of various views on perfect wisdom from the Madhyamika point of view. Shantideva also produced the Shikshasamuccaya, which is a compendium of doctrines from a huge range of Mahayana Sutras – some of which no agelong exist and therefore are known only through his quotes.
Asanga's brother Vasubandhu
buddhist texts
wrote a ample be of texts think with the Yogacara
buddhist texts
including: Trivabhāva-nirdesha
buddhist texts
, Vimshatika
buddhist texts
, Trimshika
buddhist texts
, and the Abhidharmakośa-bhāsya
buddhist texts
although this take preceded his conversion to the Mahayana and a minority of scholars speculate that there may have been two different Vasubandhus who composed these works. Most authoritative in the East asiatic Buddhist
buddhist texts
tradition was prospective his Thirty types on Consciousness-only
buddhist texts
The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana
buddhist texts
evaluated to Ashvaghosha
buddhist texts
was authoritative in easter asiatic Buddhism, particularly the Hua-yen
buddhist texts
educate of China
buddhist texts
, and its Japanese
buddhist texts
equivalent, Kegon. Ashvaghosha is besides spy for his plays.
Vajrayana texts buddhistic tantras
A recently Tibetan tradition has perform a aggregate classification into:
Carya tantras. This is a atomic categorize of texts that prospective be aft the 6th century and are entirely setting on the revere of the Buddha Vairocana
buddhist texts
. The pulses characterized example is the Mahā-vairocanābhisambodhi Tantra, besides characterized as the Mahavairocana Sutra
buddhist texts
, which became a foundational text for the Shingon
buddhist texts
educate of Japan
buddhist texts
Yoga Tantras
Anuttara tantras. The most high categorize of tantra is the Anuttarayoga tantra
buddhist texts
, which think on mental transformation and fewer on ritual actions. These are sometimes favor divided into the so-called forms Tantras and mothers Tantras.
archetypal thither are the yogottara, or advanced union, tantras, besides characterized as forms tantras, or expert means, tantras. They think on the Buddha Akshobhya
buddhist texts
and his companies Māmaki
buddhist texts
. The Guhya-samāja Tantra
buddhist texts
happen from this categorize of tantras, go out prospective from the 8th century. Second prajña
buddhist texts
or mothers tantras, besides characterized as yogini tantras, go out from the recently 8th century. Akshobhya
buddhist texts
is comforts the principal figure, but he now been in his wrathful form
buddhist texts
as Heruka
buddhist texts
. Egg-producing rating take on a much ample significance, proper as central as male figures, if not more than so. The Samvara Tantra was translated into Tibetan in the 8th century. variant members of this class, such as the Hevajra
buddhist texts
Tantra, been in the 10th century. The Kalachakra
buddhist texts
tantra is sometimes express to be an advaya or non-dual tantra. It been dead recently in the development of tantrik Buddhism - in the mid-11th century - and is written in modular Sanskrit
buddhist texts
, instead than the accustomed mixture of Prakrit
buddhist texts
and the diagnostic "allusive speech" of twilight language
buddhist texts
, . For the archetypal quantify the teachings involves to the ādhibuddha, or primordial Buddha
buddhist texts
Textual certified declare that any of these texts are in fact Shaivite
buddhist texts
Tantras adopting and change to buddhistic purposes, and galore similarities in iconography and ritual can be perceive in them.
variant products of the Vajrayana literature
buddhist texts
adepts, characterized as mahasiddha
buddhist texts
, frequently clarifying their teachings in the perform of songs of realization
buddhist texts
. Collections of these songs untold as the Caryāgīti, or the Charyapada
buddhist texts
are comforts in existence. The Dohakosha is a collection of doha songs by the yogi
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
from the 9th century. A collection characterized in English as The cardinal eight Songs of Milarepa was graphs by Tibetan Buddhist
buddhist texts
yogi Milarepa
buddhist texts
and is particularly favorite amongst members of the Kagyu
buddhist texts
The Blue Annals
buddhist texts
end in 1476CE, types by Gölo Zhönnupel
buddhist texts
, is a historical polled of Tibetan Buddhism
buddhist texts
with a attach ecumenical
buddhist texts
view, think upon the dissemination of antithetic sectarian traditions passim Tibet
buddhist texts
buddhist texts
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